2023 Guide to Singapore’s Property Trends

2023 property trends in singapore by kai hub

It’s been one hella exciting year for Real Estate in Singapore.   Record after record prices, month after month, eye brow raising numbers in transactions, interest rates, million dollar HDBs… Just how to you get hold on the property trends?  Bet you wished for a little humbug in the news so you can restore some sanity in […]

Increasing Land Supply To Satiate Demand for Real Estate

Increasing Land supply to satiate demand

Like everyone else in the world, the pandemic caused quite a stir in the real estate market in Singapore. The continued economic growth Singapore enjoyed was paralleled by its growth in population.   What Covid changed was virtually putting a complete halt to the supply; lockdowns and restrictions of people-movement on the island meant no […]

Understanding How Land Prices can Estimate Launch Prices

Understanding why land bid prices can estimate price launch

UnEver Wonder why there’s so much hype around the winning bid for land and how their prices affect the ultimate Launch Price of a new Project? Land prices keep varying with time, and they depend on several factors, such as the current economic state of the market. Whether you want to buy a private property […]

Adding to Depleted Inventory – A Guide to 2022 Singapore’s New Launches

New Launches 2022

2021 was a bumper year for the Real Estate market in Singapore.  With the current inventory of New units really low, all eyes are on this year’s New launches 2022 to replenish stock.   There is a consensus that Demand will outstrip Supply again. The Supply Chain Issues Globally has had adverse movement of goods. […]

How to Unlock Capital in your HDB Flat in your Latter Years

old couple assessing HDB Capital Kaihub

With Rising Inflation rates, the occurrence where the older folks are getting caught off guard and finding themselves without sufficient cash to meet even daily necessities is becoming painfully common.   How do they then Unlock Capital in their HDB so they can get back to living their golden years comfortably?   Saving For a […]

Does Bartley Vue Deserve all that Hype?

bartley vue price

Bartley Vue is a viral and sought-after condominium project in Singapore.  Its been receiving a lot of media coverage but is it worth all the hype?   The project aims to deliver 115 residential units throughout 16 stories consisting of 2 beds and three apartments.  The project construction began in April last year and is expected to […]

6 Factors to Consider when buying an Executive Condo – Parc Greenwich

Executive Condo

  When thinking about buying your home in Singapore, you must consider getting an Executive Condominium (EC). Property prices in Singapore are at an all-time high, and the trend is only expected to continue, especially for areas with high population density due to their proximity to offices and commercial areas. ECs are becoming increasingly popular, […]

Executive Condominiums: A complete Buying Guide

Types of housing in Singapore Singapore’s Real Estate is highly booming and sought after not only by locals but also foreign investors. Before we delve into executive condominiums, it is important to note that Singapore has 3 types of properties.  Public (HDB),  Public-Private Hybrid  Private  Public housing is managed by the State, Public-Private Hybrid type […]