4 Effects Family Offices will have on Singapore Real Estate

The Singapore Family Office Family offices are private wealth management firms that serve ultra-high-net-worth families and offer a variety of services, such as investment management, tax planning, estate planning, philanthropy, and lifestyle management. In recent years, family offices have become a significant player in the global economy and have a major impact on various industries, […]

Why the Rich are Invading Singapore aka Family Office?

Pretty girl arriving private jet - kai hub

Why Are the Rich Invading Singapore aka Family Office? Family offices are becoming an increasingly important part of the wealth management scene in Singapore. These specialized firms offer comprehensive wealth management services to wealthy  individuals and families, helping them to preserve and grow their wealth over multiple generations. Singapore has become a growing hub for […]

Why does Coliving in Singapore just Makes good Sense for Young People

Young professionals, students, and foreign workers in search of a low-cost and hassle-free housing alternative in Singapore often choose to share an apartment. Finding a coliving place, the laws and regulations, and the fees and budgeting involved?  These are just some of the questions we will be covering here.  And we will listing the top […]

The Legend of Maison Ikkoku Restaurant Lives

Maison Ikkoku is a three storey Convservation shophouse nestled in the bustling neighborhood of Kampong Glam.  It has almost 3,000 sq ft of exquisite restaurant area and Huttons Asia Pte Ltd has been appointed as the sole marketing agent for both renting the shophouse and selling of this unique business opportunity. Like the popular Romantic […]

Paya Lebar’s Redevelopment gets a Hi 5

Hi 5 at Paya Lebar Kai Hub

We all know Paya Lebar Airbase will be moving out around 2030. And we can build 5 Toa Payohs in that area(Hi5!).  But how will that affect Singapore and how will things around there change?  Or more importantly, can I take advantage of this and make a make a Real Estate Investment that takes advantage of the […]

2023 Guide to Singapore’s Property Trends

2023 property trends in singapore by kai hub

It’s been one hella exciting year for Real Estate in Singapore.   Record after record prices, month after month, eye brow raising numbers in transactions, interest rates, million dollar HDBs… Just how to you get hold on the property trends?  Bet you wished for a little humbug in the news so you can restore some sanity in […]

The Great Guild to Singapore’s Shophouses

The modern-conservation shophouse in Singapore has over time turned into a emblem of wealth.  Enshrine with some of the most most nostalgic history in Singapore’s past, it is a highly coveted trophy by the rich.  What exactly is a conservation shophouse in Singapore and why is it such a prized asset?   Lets see if […]

The 2023 Guide to Owning Commercial Real Estate: 10 Things You Should Know

3 ABSD measures in the past 2 years.  All combating the rampant rise of Real Estate Prices in Singapore but still the Prices runs amok.  You’ve heard about Commercial Real Estate and that it is a wonderful alternative to Residential Real Estate investing but know very little about it.  Fret not! Here’s the take down […]

The HDB to Condo Journey – The 2023 Ultimate Guide

So you’ve just MOP or you’re at the age where it becomes a question whether you should sell your HDB and buy a condo.   Its not an easy question to answer on so many fronts, but yet, a very necessary one to ask.  After all, the family is reliant on you to make that […]

So to buy BTO or Resale as a Single? The Great HDB Debate

Buying BTO or Resale HDB kai hub

“You never truly become an adult in Singapore until you leave your parent’s home” Yes, you love your parents but sometimes you need your own space! Sound like anyone you know? The magic age where a Single Singaporean truly becomes liberated is 35!  For the curious non-Singaporean onlooker, this is the age where you can […]