The Legend of Maison Ikkoku Restaurant Lives

Maison Ikkoku is a three storey Convservation shophouse nestled in the bustling neighborhood of Kampong Glam.  It has almost 3,000 sq ft of exquisite restaurant area and Huttons Asia Pte Ltd has been appointed as the sole marketing agent for both renting the shophouse and selling of this unique business opportunity.

Like the popular Romantic Comedy of 80s, Maison Ikkoku is a beloved Manga.  Much akin to its namesake, it is also one of the most iconic Award winning Restaurant at Kampong Glam Area on Kandahar St. And it is now ready to find a new owner.  Maison Ikkoku is the Founding baby of Executive Chef and Master Mixologist Ethan Leslie Leong. 

Maison Ikkoku - Kai Hub

Most customers memory of Maison Ikkoku is its unique and spectacular views. When you climb the steps to reach the rooftop of this quaint shophouse, you will be greeted with the magnificence of a view that overlooks Sultan mosque and the beautiful distinct skyline of Singapore’s Business District.  

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You will feel as though you’ve been transported to a page out of the Arabian nights. Those stories you read in the book will seemingly come to life!  The Golden shaped Dome of Sultan Mosque looks so close that you feel you could almost reach out your hand and touch it.   The warm climate further cements the ambience.  And as you are serve with some of Singapore’s Finest cuisine, you’ll know how a Sultan truly lives.   

An intimate rooftop perfect for a two-person date night and/or a private gathering feasting like the monarchy.  An experience quite difficult to match.  

Ethan has taken a life time to build both the menu and the perfect dining experience.  His love for Japanese Fine Cuisine has allowed him to fuse many flavors.  His tenacity for the epitome of gastronomic experiences shows in his menu.  Like Oyster Orgasm – fusion of Ikuran, Uni and Caviar on a fresh Normandic Oyster. 

The Second floor has a bar that serves bespoke cocktails. The bar has been instrumental in introducing the best Japanese cuisine and bartending techniques in Singapore. The focus is on employing fresh ingredients and a combinations of flavors quite original and pleasantly surprising.

Maison Ikkoku - Kai Hub

The Ground Floor serves some of the best Wagyu burgers found in Singapore that comes with an unlikely bedfellow but yet perfectly matched, a Cointreau cocktail.  

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After devoting an entire lifetime to his art, his calling and his penultimate accomplishment, he is now ready to take give up reign of his baby for the next generation to take it on its next lag. 

When asked what next for this culinary maestro, Ethan says: “I’m opening a distillery in Japan, making a botanical craft gin, something that I always wanted to do for a long time”.  Its not even surprising if you think about it. 

Best Burger In Singapore - Kai Hub
Best Burger In Singapore - Kai Hub

He also adds,” Its time for someone else to take Maison to the next chapter, something different and even more sublime.”

The location, the menu, the entire business, the years of reviews, the history and the culture of excellence built into Maison, would probably be challenging for anyone to build from scratch.   Most would not come as far as Ethan has. 

So while he fades into a Japanese Manga-like folklore sunset, next challenger? 

If you like to know more about purchasing this business please contact Huttons Charlie Giang.    

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