Charlie Giang

Charlie considers himself an Adventurer first before anything else. Vent on sucking the marrow of this Life, aka Carpe Diem, he’s climbed some of the highest mountains in the world and have rappelled off hundreds of remote water falls. 

An Entrepreneur at Large for most of the past 20 years, he’s had the opportunity to build several companies in Singapore and Silicon Valley and have enjoyed some good exits.  

He is still currently an active Real Estate owner in both Singapore, California and Central America.

His penchant for grasping trends and working novel investment deals seem like the culmination of his past experiences.  Using the latest techniques of data analytics came almost naturally.

These days he uses Kai Hub to disburse and share Real Estate from his many hours of research.

He also has the unique distinction of being a Real Estate Agent in both USA and Singapore, and a certified Family Office Advisor, WMI.  Making him well-positioned to work with investors on both sides of the pacific make cross border decisions. 

An astute investor in technologies himself, he is constantly reading pitch decks of start-ups and finding new opportunities for investing in disruptive technologies.

Always a Good Chat away for Real Estate ideas or just trading Adventure stories!! Text him! 

Real Estate Agent in Singapore 
Real Estate Agent In California 
Family Office Advisor WMI
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