Does Perfect10 Condo Score a TEN?

Singapore property prices are on the upswing due to the high demand on the back of  low-interest rates. By contrast, the supply of new property remains low. This is due to the shortage of labor caused by the unavailability of foreign workers due to the COVID-19 restrictions on travel. Many new projects, like HDB, have been delayed and do not seem to be completed any time soon. The resultant impact on prices has been a massive one. But can Perfect10 take advantage of this and how does it fair in our review?  Can it score a Perfect 10? 


Perfect10: An Overview

The condo is a re-development project that was started when Japura Development acquired the old City Tower condos and transformed them into Perfect10. 

The condos were bought for $401.9 million before being redeveloped completely to reflect a more luxurious and contemporary look that houses all the facilities of the best Condos in Singapore. 

Is it really a perfect 10?

How well does the projected fare when compared to similar developments in Singapore, and does it live up to its name of Perfect10? These are essential questions any investor would ask before making such a big commitment. 

Here is our take of the Perfect10 condos:


1.  Location:

The condos are strategically located at District 10, 325 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore, and hold a central position when it comes to facilities, connectivity, and proximity to nature. The beautiful neighborhood is filled with greenery but contains all kinds of modern facilities, from cafes, malls, schools, and restaurants.

Currently, Bukit Timah is the most sought-after residential neighborhood in Singapore, making Perfect10 an excellent investment. The EC is surrounded by other private condos and mid-rise residential buildings. It is a serene and calm area that is well linked via the main Bukit Timah Road that connects to various expressways and MRT lines for easy access. Residents of the condos have easy availability to convenient commute.



2.   Zoning:

The total gross floor area for the development measures an impressive 219,516 sq. ft. with a land area of 104,531 sq. ft. The entire area is marked for residential development and houses a 24-story apartment building that contains 190 apartments. Each apartment measures 1,098 sq. ft. on average that is suitable enough for a comfortable living.

The zoning of Perfect10 is based on the blueprints of some of the most expensive luxury condos in the country. There are shops, two-bedroom, three-bedroom apartments as well as penthouse apartments to complete the luxury look. The area has been used efficiently that minimize wasted area and demonstrated a smart lifestyle solution.


3.   Developer:

Perfect10 is an Executive Condominium project helmed by the coveted Japura Development, which is linked to Li Ka-Shing’s CK Asset Holdings. Based out of Hong Kong, CK Asset Holdings is a globally recognized name in property development. The company has development projects in Mainland China, the UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The company is no stranger to re-development projects and delivering world-class condos. Perfect10 embodies the global appeal that is a hallmark of Japura Development.


4.   Connectivity:

As mentioned already, Perfect10 is fully connected to major MRT lines and main roads. The Stevens and Newton MRT stations are a mere 10-minute walk from the condos. The Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) and the Central Expressway (CTE) also connect to the main Bukit Timah Road and provide access to all parts of Singapore.


5.   Facilities in-house:

Perfect10 boasts all the facilities of the best luxury condos in the area. The re-development project has completely transformed the architecture of the old City Towers, and the new mid-rise building has all the latest amenities. 

Residents of Perfect10 can enjoy the main clubhouse that is centrally located and provides all kinds of recreational facilities. Beautifully landscaped parks, gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, BBQ pits, and function halls are all available to the residents of the condos. The condos are completely safe, being a gated community that has 24/7 security. This makes Perfect10 suitable for families with young children who can enjoy the amenities without much adult supervision since the security is foolproof. 

Perfect10 offers a peaceful and safe community life that is completely secure and enables families to build a community. Residents can socialize and create a bond within the safety of the Perfect10 community. The overall services found within Perfect10 are at par with the top luxury condos.


6.   Schools nearby:

While the EC is well connected, it also has proximity to major services. Perfect10 is within walking distance of some of the top-ranking schools in the country. These include; the Anglo-Chinese School, James’ Church Kindergarten, Zee Playhouse, My Think Tank Pte. Ltd., Laselle College of the Arts, and Chatsworth International School. The educational institutions cater to children of all ages, from daycare up to college. 


7.   Malls in the vicinity:

There are plenty of major malls near as well; some of these are the United Square Mall, ION Orchard Mall, and the Velocity @ Novena Square. These malls offer convenient shopping options as well as additional recreational activities for families. Velocity @ Novena Square, for instance, holds multiple sporting events from basketball to volleyball tournaments all year long. 

8.   Medical services:

Healthcare facilities are also close by, which is a critical deciding factor in buying a condo because timely access to medical facilities can prove life-saving. Perfect10 has many established hospitals close by. The Mount Elizabeth Hospital, the Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), and the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.


9.   Additional amenities:

Furthermore, nearby facilities also include Newton Food Centre and the Newton Hawker Centre, which are popular hangout spots and offer great places for locals and tourists alike to enjoy delicious food and mingle together.


10.   Prospects:

Investment in real estate relies heavily on prospects as well. Since buying a home is a long-term investment, it is important to examine the market conditions ten or fifteen years in advance. Since Perfect10 has a prime location and is surrounded by other popular residential developments, it appears that property prices for the area are only going to rise. This makes Perfect10 a lucrative investment especially considering just how congested the country is becoming, and it is getting harder and harder to find good locations for residential condos. Perfect10 is in an area that perfectly balances the need for a quiet and calm lifestyle with the ease of convenient connectivity to the city center.



Perfect10 Condominiums are among the best residential developments in Singapore. The development is centrally located, and lets residents enjoy the peace and calm of a quiet neighborhood while still being near the city center. It gives easy access to all kinds of facilities, from schools and cafes and even shopping malls.

The development is among the top condos in terms of amenities, location, and price in Singapore. It is a worthwhile investment for anyone, from first-time homeowners, ex-pats, and property investors.

Can Perfect10 score a Ten? Probably not, but because there’s hardly a perfect project anywhere.

However, with all its advantages, Perfect10 is as close to perfection as one can get in Singapore’s real estate market. The development project is at par with luxury condos found globally. It provides a dream lifestyle that maximizes comfort and a secure and peaceful life suitable for families.

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