Why Tight Market Supply Is still Driving Prices Up

Tightening of supply in Singapore

The covid-19 pandemic has taken the world by quite some surprise. The urgency, unrest, and general situation of chaos have led us towards much unsettling news over the past 2 years. However, there has been an unpredicted result of the pandemic – demand for housing along with an increase in buyers’ interest.   Tight Market […]

Adding to Depleted Inventory – A Guide to 2022 Singapore’s New Launches

New Launches 2022

2021 was a bumper year for the Real Estate market in Singapore.  With the current inventory of New units really low, all eyes are on this year’s New launches 2022 to replenish stock.   There is a consensus that Demand will outstrip Supply again. The Supply Chain Issues Globally has had adverse movement of goods. […]

Why The Cooling Measures hasn’t Brought Down the Price

Cooling measures kai hub

The residential market in Singapore is growing rapidly. The pandemic impacted the Singaporean residential market. However, it was not enough of an impact to deter people from buying the property of their dreams or moving towards asset progression. A consistent spike in prices was seen, and the Singaporean Government introduced the cooling measures 2021 to […]

2022 Budget and How it’ll Affect Singapore Real Estate

Singapore budget 2022 kai hub

Taxes are an essential part of a budget structure, and their revision (increase and decrease) indicates several elements – like the financial wellbeing of the government, its people, and more. Since taxes are pretty much unavoidable, it’s better to get familiar with them and know all the nitty-gritty details. Knowing more is never bad, and […]

How can Bank Loans make you Financially Free

Bank loan leverage Singapore Kai Hub

Investing today is the only legit way to expand and increase a portfolio. Many investors and leaders are often in favor of investments in real estate. But buying real estate is no piece of cake. Capital is required to acquire a property and earn a return on it. But what if you were to know […]

2022 Edition – Guide to Asset Progression for Financial Freedom

Asset Progression Kai Hub

2022 Edition – Guide to Asset Progression for Financial Freedom   2021 Inflation in the USA was 7.9% and in Singapore 4%.   That was the official numbers from the powers that be but, look around, what was once $4 Mee pok is not $4.5.  Or how how about CEO for Cat 2, its $92.5K.  […]

Is Your HDB Flat an Asset or a Liability?

Is HDB an asset or a liability KaiHub

HDB prices rose in 2021 by a whopping 12.9% in 2021.  11.5% in Matured Estates and 14% in Non- Matured Estates.  But are HDB assets an Asset or liability?  The topic has become a hot debate over the years, and contested passionately many times in Kopi tiams all across the island.  We’ll try to give […]

5 Trends to Expect in 2022 in Singapore Real Estate

5 trends for Singapore kaihub

2021 was a blockbuster year for Singapore Real Estate.   Private Residential property prices rise by 10.6%* and HDB Resale prices rose by 12.7%** in the same period.  The economy also grew by a whopping 7.1%. But the Zillion dollar question on everyone’s lips here is:  Can last year’s trends continue in 2022?  What should […]

Ki Residences are about to Change Sunsets Forever

Ki Residences KaiHub

If you’re looking for a Golden Singapore real estate investment opportunity, look no further than Ki Residences! This Amazing condo project is located at the Prestigious Area known for being one of Singapore’s most prime Residential estates; Sunset Way.  It will literally transform this entire neighborhood.   Sunset Way is not only known as a quiet residential […]

Using Asset Progression to Grow your Wealth

Asset Progression kaihub

For Singaporeans to build a financially stable tomorrow, we must almost certainly give a substantial amount of thought and effort given to the concept of Asset Progression for our real estate portfolio. However, understanding the intricacies of Asset Progression can be a daunting chore or somewhat taxing one. It is a tad more than the […]