Can You Still Profit From An HDB BTO like Before?

Can you profit from BTO

On 15 April 2001, HDB (Housing Development Board) created BTO (Built-To-Order) as the means to sell its new flats. It replaced the RFS (Registration for Flats System). Thus, the BTO is one of 2 ways HDB sells New flats, the other being Sale of Balance Flats (SBF). Moving to the actual question now, in 2022, […]

Increasing Land Supply To Satiate Demand for Real Estate

Increasing Land supply to satiate demand

Like everyone else in the world, the pandemic caused quite a stir in the real estate market in Singapore. The continued economic growth Singapore enjoyed was paralleled by its growth in population.   What Covid changed was virtually putting a complete halt to the supply; lockdowns and restrictions of people-movement on the island meant no […]

Understanding How Land Prices can Estimate Launch Prices

Understanding why land bid prices can estimate price launch

UnEver Wonder why there’s so much hype around the winning bid for land and how their prices affect the ultimate Launch Price of a new Project? Land prices keep varying with time, and they depend on several factors, such as the current economic state of the market. Whether you want to buy a private property […]

The Ultimate Guide to Upcoming BTO and Prime Location Housing (PLH)

Guide to up coming BTO and PLH

With the rise in demand by first-time homebuyers, BTO projects have become the hype for the Singaporean real estate market for quite some time now. New HDB BTO apartments in Singapore are available for purchase under the Build-To-Order (BTO) method. Every three months, the HDB conducts a sales creation of innovative HDB BTO flats in […]

Will Higher Interest Rates Increase Prices Of Real Estate?

will interest rates affect real estate in singapore kai hub

The world is going through a stressful economic period as inflation continues to rise in different countries. To control this Inflation, the US government announced in the earlier months this year that Interest Rates are expected to increase in seven different rounds.    Each round will see a 0.25% increase in the FED interest rate, […]

Why Tight Market Supply Is still Driving Prices Up

Tightening of supply in Singapore

The covid-19 pandemic has taken the world by quite some surprise. The urgency, unrest, and general situation of chaos have led us towards much unsettling news over the past 2 years. However, there has been an unpredicted result of the pandemic – demand for housing along with an increase in buyers’ interest.   Tight Market […]

Adding to Depleted Inventory – A Guide to 2022 Singapore’s New Launches

New Launches 2022

2021 was a bumper year for the Real Estate market in Singapore.  With the current inventory of New units really low, all eyes are on this year’s New launches 2022 to replenish stock.   There is a consensus that Demand will outstrip Supply again. The Supply Chain Issues Globally has had adverse movement of goods. […]

Why The Cooling Measures hasn’t Brought Down the Price

Cooling measures kai hub

The residential market in Singapore is growing rapidly. The pandemic impacted the Singaporean residential market. However, it was not enough of an impact to deter people from buying the property of their dreams or moving towards asset progression. A consistent spike in prices was seen, and the Singaporean Government introduced the cooling measures 2021 to […]

2022 Budget and How it’ll Affect Singapore Real Estate

Singapore budget 2022 kai hub

Taxes are an essential part of a budget structure, and their revision (increase and decrease) indicates several elements – like the financial wellbeing of the government, its people, and more. Since taxes are pretty much unavoidable, it’s better to get familiar with them and know all the nitty-gritty details. Knowing more is never bad, and […]

How can Bank Loans make you Financially Free

Bank loan leverage Singapore Kai Hub

Investing today is the only legit way to expand and increase a portfolio. Many investors and leaders are often in favor of investments in real estate. But buying real estate is no piece of cake. Capital is required to acquire a property and earn a return on it. But what if you were to know […]